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Used Clothing


We sort approximately 3.5 million lbs of used clothing each month. With 150 trained and hardworking employees we create more than 200 items that are geared for several markets across the world. Our customers include major wholesalers in Asia, Africa, Europe and south America.

Example of some of our products:

Men's Cotton pants, Men's Cotton Shirts, Children light weight clothing, Children medium weight clothing, Ski Jackets, Ladies cotton blouses etc etc. Items can be packed in 100 or 1000 lbs bales. We also pack clothing in 50 lbs bags for eastern Europe.

Key Benefits

  • Market specific packaging, based on fashion, climate and consumer requirement.
  • Strict quality control; produce same quality month after month.
  • After sale support and guarantee of quality.
Clothing Bags
Clothing Bags
Small Bales
Small Bales
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Small Bales